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Spray Ahoy! I am just writing to let you know that my brother and I have just taken over ownership of Arabella. Can you please update the Spray List to reference Justin & Ian Golding as the owners? 
We are really looking forward to our new adventures with Arabella as part of the community of Spray owners. 
Thanks & Regards,   Justin     24 June 2017

Spray Ahoy!  I just wanted to update you on Miss Fiona.  She was loaded yesterday in Ft Lauderdale on the HHL NEW YORK bound for Southampton.  We will sail her to Anstruther starting mid-June.  I'll keep you posted on the voyage and send some pictures for Spray Ahoy.

Henry Rupert  18/05/2017

Spray Ahoy!  Currency lass will be cruising from Yamba to the NSW south coast January and February, we would like to meet  with other spray owners or other similar vessels in our travels. Our email is      Kev Watkins.     03/01/2017

Spray Ahoy!  Miss Fiona a Roberts 33 Spray commissioned in Jacksonville FL. 15 year weekend project. Wood/fiberglass. Will be shipped to the Southampton UK in May 2017 and home berthed at Anstruther, Scotland.  Shakeout and coastal cruising in NE Florida until then.  Henry Rupert.       16/10/2016

Spray Ahoy! An update for your register, sadly "Pacific Pearl" is up for sale.   Mum and dad are retiring from the sea after 32 years on "PP", they have moved onto the property with their daughters, having a new adventure now. Dad is 86 and mum is 82, and the boat is getting a bit hard for them.    See the Sprays For Sale page for more information.
So the time has come for some new adventurers to take over and hopefully they will enjoy her as much as we all did. She's been halfway around the world, over to Indonesia then up through Asia to India, the last trip was 3 years. Such a fabulous boat, it's hard to say goodbye. She's currently in Bundaberg Marina and we visit her every week and wash her decks etc. 
Regards    John & Pearl's eldest daughter, Caroline                13/10/2016

Spray Ahoy!  After 9 years we have launched our Spray. We purchased her unfinished. The previous owner Joseph Rhodes started her in the mid-seventies and sadly passed before his dream came to fruition.  Please visit our page    Our Vessel is named Tuulen Tupa    ( Finnish for "cottage of the Wind" )    Jim Combs                     19/07/2016

Congratulations Jim after a long 8 years. She looks great - Capt'n Josh would be very pleased.  Geoff

Hi. I just found your website and was pleasantly pleased with all the wonderful info.  I have an update on "Thane of Victoria". She was built by Len Pearson.  Owned and operated now by Rob McCallum. Here are a 4 photos of Thane and one of us after winning The Peter London Memorial Award at the 2014 Victoria Classic Boat Festival for Best Work Boat in the show. Hope this helps, I am happy to have found your site and plan to visit often.   Rob Mc Cullum       24/6/2106

Spray Ahoy!   Hello and what a great site you have.... been looking through all the Sprays, I feel I must update one that is listed... 

 We renamed her Gamma Gamma, she is now registered out of Lunenburg NS, Canada.  She has been completely refitted for cruising including standing and running rigging along with complete everything. I will follow up with one under sail. She sports 5 sails, all controlled from the cockpit. We may even travel to your neck of the world...     Jerome Dixon    10/6/2016

Spray Ahoy!  Hi, I just checked out the web site and note that the Roberts Spray “Toorbul Spray” we own is listed.

It has had several owners and we purchased the vessel in 2011.  She was launched in August 2000, built at Toorbul, Brisbane by the owner of a steel prawn trawler business who cruised the Barrier Reef for two years.

 It is now moored at Keppel Bay Marina, Central Queensland and use it for family trips to the Keppels and short trips North and South. We love our Spray and the general comment from friends, some of whom run charters, is “roomy”. They are also impressed with the seaworthy hull lines.

Although it is listed with the site as a 36’ vessel, I believe it to be a Spray 38 which has been lengthened by 2’. It is 42ft from bowspit (short steel version) to transom, not counting the davits and duckboard. Beam is 13ft measured.  Displacement, loaded for cruising with 1000L of water and 700L of diesel is just on 16 tonne on the travel lift.  It has had a full 2 pack system  repaint, some modifications and is in very good condition. I am about to remove the davit/radar support  system and replace with stainless supports as is the source of about 90% of the rust, the rest being general wear and tear. 

Regards,  Les and Mary Unwin.  Ph 07 49286272 (H) 0437238125       12/01/2016

Spray Ahoy!  Hi,  I would like to register my yacht Donegal Breeze  a home built spray 33 built in steel and cutter rigged  she is moored in Cork Ireland but was built in Muscat in Oman and sailed the Dubai Muscat yacht race in 2002 and crossed the Indian Ocean and back in 2003 from Muscat to Goa and back….    Thanks    John P. Mc Dermott     Donegal Breeze              11/01/2016

Spray Ahoy!  Hi Geoff   I am a recent owner of one of your registered sprays Tookawhile from Perth Western Australia. My name for the record is Mark Malone and Tookawhile is located in Hilary's Yacht Club at the present time and has been partially refurbished below decks.
Regards Mark.                    29/11/2015

Spray Ahoy!  Hello I noticed your "Spray" register. We have a 62'6"model named "Alexander Stewart".   I was just out sailing today.
We run public sails every Sunday afternoon.

Thanks Ivan.         29/11/2015

Spray Ahoy!  Thanks for keeping the torch lit, Geoff. 

I see a Roberts Spray 40 recently completed a voyage through the North West Passage in the Canadian arctic. Story copied and pasted below.   Long ago, in the late 1960’s, I drew a full size set of plans at one inch to the foot scale from the drawings in the appendix to Sailing Alone Around the World, which I still have. That was long before personal computers where you can just scan, enlarge, and print. I lofted them up to full size and started building a ferro-cement replica, but after welding up about half the frames I got sidetracked off on other projects and eventually abandoned the Spray project in favour of building a wooden Cape Cod Catboat as I was a carpenter and shipwright and familiar with woodworking.  The issue I found on all ferro-cement boats was that you couldn’t do the plastering by yourself, and however skilled the plastering crew, as the cement is pushed through the mesh from the outside to the inside, you invariably get a ‘shadow’ void behind each piece of rebar that eventually fills with water and starts rusting out the structure. You don’t have this problem on two sided moulds like foundation walls and moulded concrete pipes because you can use a vibrator to liquify the cement so it flows into the voids, but you can’t do that on a one-sided mould like a boat hull.
Sincerely,  Terry Lawrence           9/11/2015  See article here

Spray Ahoy!  Hi thanks for informative and enjoyable site .Truant now owns Mark Farnaby and is moored in Bellerive Tasmania.

Kim Hill              3/11/2015

Spray Ahoy! 

Hello Geoff!
My name is Bert Eriksson, I live in Uppsala, Sweden and have a Spray 40 named Shaman, with poop deck and deckhouse. Its built in 6 mm steel after Bruce Robert plans and is cutter rigged.
I am glad that you intend to keep up the SSSA in some form, and I would be happy to be on the list of Spray copies.
All the best       Bert Eriksson         1/11/2015     (see photo in Spray List)

Spray Ahoy!    As journalist and writer, I am looking for owners of replicas of the original Spray sailing in Europe. My motivation: I plan to write a biography of Joshua Slocum and I need in that purpose to visit such a replica and also making interview with the owner of the boat to make me an opinion on life on board. 
If you have any information for me, please contact me by e mail.  I am sorry for my horrific english, please excuse me for that.  Best regards.

Alexandre Boussageon                     30/09/2015

Spray Ahoy!   Hello everyone,
Would like to notify you that Rita steel 38 ft ketch rigged, is for sale lying Sines, Portugal if anyone is interested in buying a Spray.
She is advertised on apploduck and preloved.       Regards  Bert Warnock    1 Sept 2015

Spray Ahoy!  Geoff Barreau    

We built “Tringriz” (Spray 33 listed on your list of Sprays) from a hull and deck bought semi complete from a Ms Anderson (??) in Goolwa SA. (1987 I think??)  Completed and fitted out in my front yard. Over 12 months or so.
We named it “Steely Dan” and sailed (cruised) Adelaide to Bowen and back to Sydney in 1990 (with my wife from Sydney on and a mate Colin Panton from Adelaide to Sydney). Trucked home to Adelaide from there in late November 1990. Sold to a person from Sydney who ‘talked a good game’ Tony Fountain I think was his name. Not the current owner you have listed.
Regarding speed: When we rigged the boat we located the main shrouds inboard from the Roberts plan position to about the middle of the side deck and reduced the spreader width correspondingly. This vastly improved the sheeting angle. Not as good for walking forward but it pointed heaps better than many other ‘fat boats’. It sailed superbly and was quick from a broad reach through to just forward of the beam.
It was built of heavier steel than called for (5 ml instead of 3 ml I think - it was a while ago) and because it was heavier we used less ballast (lead melted into the keel cavity) about two tons I think. Quite a bit less than design. This was Colin’s idea and proved excellent advice. It was as stiff as a board on the wind and we sailed happily when others were reefed right down and heading home. In fact we used to reef more out of concern for sail damage than anything else although reducing sail and using the cutter rig kept the helm better balanced.
Last thing - it came with a Farryman 32 HP Diesel (V twin cylinders) a good motor but way way under powered for a 10 ton boat with bluff bow.   It was our only error in the build. I reckon 50 hp is the minimum that would serve well.
Cheers - I enjoyed browsing your site.   Geoff Barreau                     21/07/2015

Spray Ahoy!  As the builder of the vessel "Baudin" I am trying to find out who is the current owner and where it is now. Hope you can help
From Judelle Burrows           11/06/2015

Spray Ahoy. Hi.  Just a note to say that I have bought Kajupa You should record the owners as Rodger Kerr-Newell and Kate Roberts.

Tel 08 9168 6007 | Mob 0439 622 291

Spray ahoy. We would like to advise all that Nicole and Kev Watkins are the new owners of Currency Lass  33ft gaff ketch, she is moored in the Clarence River (New South Wales, Australia). We've replaced the standing rig, a few more little jobs and we will be ready to cruise. Speaking of cruising today we meet Gordon (Koch) from Harmony ( another 33fter and a lovely ship ) they are heading north,  lucky buggers !
 Kev  0418239937

Hi   My husband and I own a Spray replica called Spray II, build in 1976 by my father at Aarøsund Baadebyggeri in Denmark. It's 36 feet and build out of oak. She's a wonderfull boat to sail.  Our Spray is not on the list, and a fairly precise replica as you ca see at the foto taken at the rumregatta in Flensburg, Germany a few days ago.  Med venlig hilsen
Julie Heebøll Clausen  Åbyvej 50   8230 Åbyhøj   Denmark        21/05/2015

Spray Ahoy! Graham Wright attached photo is of a steel spray 38 that he and his wife are currently building in New Zealand.   Can't wait until the launch.  Good luck Graham.   06/02/15  See photo here 

Spray Ahoy! Walter Flanagan has emailed to say that Pacific Spray is now his. Details: Bruce Roberts Spray CS38. Junk Rigged schooner. 20 Tonnes gross. Round bilge steel. NZ registered ('B' register).  Currently lying Whangarei, NZ.  Thanks Walter. Fair winds.    06/02/15

Spray Ahoy!  Andre Vanhoof of Belgium has sent photos and details of his very nice Spray 40 "Plus Bleu", first launched 2003.  Thanks Dre.                                       21/01/2015

Spray Ahoy!  Hello, we are currently cruising in the "Roberts Spray" Galatea ii. We would like to be kept in any Spray loop that may exist. If assistance is required to keep things happening please don't hesitate to call on us. Galatea is moored at Russell Island - Moreton Bay when we are home. All sprays (or other sad people) welcome to relax at home if required.
Kindest regards,   Patricia and Anthony McCracken 4090 464 263                  14/01/2015

Spray Ahoy!  Jon Faulkner has sent in a photo of his Spray 40 Shamrock.  Oh, but she's a grand pretty boat - to be sure.  Thanks Jon.

She's undergoing extensive refurbishment.                              14/01/2015            

Spray Ahoy!  Hi.  I am not sure whether the spray register is still current but I now own the vessel previously known as Marquise, she is moored in Bermagui NSW now and has been re-named Kimada J. We have enjoyed a Bass Strait crossing in early 2013 and she carries many of our friends on day trips from our sleepy location. Please respond if the register is still being updated.   Regards,  Michael Jubb   14/11/2014

Spray Ahoy!  Hi Geoff    Well done on maintaining the Slocum Spray site. I am not feeling in any way confused about my recent decision to buy a Spray with the intention of sailing in NW Australia and later to the Pacific, however I would be pleased if you pointed me to any useful material about the best fit out for blue-water sailing in Sprays. The vessel I have bought is Kajupa.  Rodger Kerr-Newell Ph. 08 9168 6007            11/11/2014 

Hi Rodger.  Congratulations on your purchase of Kajupa.  She looks great.  As for fitting out for blue-water - it's a personal choice.  I note that she has been cruising the Kimberley coast for the last 20 years, so she is set up for remote area cruising already.  So do some cruising around the Kimberly and decide what you might need. Speak to Peter O'Dwyer, the previous owner, for advice as well, if possible.  Being steel, she will need constant vigilance and attention to any rust areas (I know, I had a steel Spray 40). I'd check that the chain locker is lined with a waterproof buffer between the chain and the hull - one area that will rust out if the wet chain knocks paint off bare steel.  Check behind lockers and under the floor for tell-tale rust stains - water often pools along stringers.  Hope you get out there and enjoy.  Cheers,  Geoff.

Spray Ahoy!    As an original owner of the 40 ft gaff tops'l cutter PEGGOTTY I am keen to know of her where-abouts now. I think she was in Cairns for a while 6 or 7 years ago but would love to hear where she is now and what she has been up to.    Bobbie Sendall   11/11/2014

Spray Ahoy!  Hi, Good to see that your website is alive and healthy.
I had a link to Ken Slack's website where he offered copies of Slocum  Spray plans ... at  It seems that that whole internet domain no longer exists.  He had an email  Email to:   Kendal Slack  at
Since the domain seems inactive I expect that the email is also inactive.  As you probably know Kenneth Slack authored - In the Wake of the Spray - which was published in USA in 1966 and again in 1981. I think his son Kendal Slack was selling the plans.
Do you have any contact information for Ken Slack or his son?  At the time of last contact he lived in Australia.
Gerard Mittelstaedt   McAllen, Texas USA- -                 11/11/2014

Thanks for the e-mail Gerard.  I too have wondered what happened to - they seemed to just disappear and I tried all avenues to contact Kendal and anyone from the family, to no avail.    Does anyone know anything to help Gerard - and me? I will publish any useful information for the Spray community.  Geoff

Spray Ahoy!    Regarding Iduna III, she is still with me since 1997 & a solid platform for diving & long haul cruising ( subject to pirates) based in the Sultanate of Oman. 

Please add Dave & Jarmila Arnell to the owners record. 
FYI we were chartered by the Qatar government for the 2006 Asian Games because they wanted a "proper sailing vessel" to be the start /finish line for the main sailing events. 
Nice to be paid for doing what you love!
 Regards     Dave Arnell

Spray Ahoy!  Thank you Henry Rupert who sent me information on the wooden Spray 33, Miss Fiona II, that he is building in Florida. Henry has asked for advice of any sort from people who have built a wood boat, as he has taken over the project from his dad who has health problems. See the photos and history here Miss Fiona II

Spray Ahoy!  Hi Geoff,  This is Kev Lombard on St George.  We have a new email.  Thanks,  Kev   20 June 2014

Spray Ahoy!   Hi to Georges Leduc who sent a photo of his Spray 22 "MirRicLea" which he built in aluminium. Its named after his 3 children  Miranda , Richard and Leanne . Its a Bruce Roberts design, all aluminium.  "I sail her on the Ottawa River in Ontario Canada . My wife and I are the owners Elaine and Georges Leduc. A good little stable  boat."  Photo taken on a vacation trip in Canada.  Thanks for sending the photo Georges.                                    27 May 2014

Spray Ahoy!    Hi to Barry and Sandra Skinner.

Our "Spray" Zeduk, was built from plans of a Roberts Spray 45.  Barry used the plans for the hull and then redesigned the rest himself.  It took around seven years to build her in our front yard in Hervey Bay (Queensland Australia).  She was launched on 22nd September 2007.  Attached is a photo of her taken in the Sandy Straits and appeared in "The Coastal Passage".
Zeduk has spent quite some time in Hervey Bay and Yeppoon due to work commitments.  She is a sturdy and strong 23 tonne steel yacht. 
We are retired now and hope to do some more extensive sailing.        12 April 2014

Spray Ahoy!      Maralga is now renamed St George.  She is a pilothouse Ketch.  Overall length is 46 ft.  Length on deck 42 ft.

Kev Lombard
Ham Call Sign: KA1LSN
Marine SSB Call Sign: WDF9990
Cell 954 873 9486                                       4 April 2014

Spray Ahoy!  Hello,

Attached is our 33' GRP Pilothouse Cutter the name is "Jill Allison ", owners are Jill Holland & Maury Miller and we are located in Louisiana, US. And under the tab other details, the boat is undergoing a complete refit. The photo attached is in the water after 13 months on the hard.    ph Australia + 61 (0) 7 3227 9100                 3 April 2014

Spray Ahoy!   Hi,
Manatee has returned to a red hull. Owners: Margot and Ana       3 April 2014

Spray Ahoy!

Hi Geoff,
My name is Barry Wood, from Childers Qld.  I have been involved in the marine industry in Qld for about 40 years. We are on the verge of retiring, and about to embark on the construction of a Spray 40 / 42 in GRP, version 40B rigged as a gaff cutter. I will female mould the boat and deck. I am a fibreglasser, and know my way around the topic pretty well.
I was wondering if you knew of anyone who would want a similar layout for a spray, as it would help offset the costs of both parties.
I can be contacted on 0413 251745.
Regards,  Barry Wood
  PS.....I also have a set of plans for a 55 steel spray to sell cheaply.                11 March 2014   

Spray Ahoy! 
I'm not sure if anyone can help but thought that it was worth a shot to ask. My name is Maury Miller and I purchased a 1992 Spray 33' Sailboat on ebay in the USA almost a year ag. I had a brief history of the boat over the phone and was writing to see if any of you knew or possibly have heard about it's history. The story begins in England (UK) of a gentleman that ordered the plans and had a shipyard (name unknown) in England built the sailboat. Attached are a couple photographs of it. The gentleman single handily sailed the vessel from England across the Atlantic to the USA in an attempt to go around the globe. Also I was told that the sailboat was featured on the cover of a sailing magazine as the gentleman crossed the Atlantic on the first leg of his trip. I'm sure many Spray 33 vessels have circumnavigated the globe and occurring regularly. But was curious if anyone might recognize this vessel as it has a different pilot house style, I understand that many folks when completing their boats add things to it and it does not look like the plans do. I had viewed the Bruce Roberts website and was looking at all of the 33' Sprays but have not seen one like this one. 

Also was told the gentleman was going to sail the vessel through the Panama Canal, and return to England. The owner had become ill and stopped in Houston, Texas and paid a marina to keep until his return to the USA. The gentleman never returned to his boat and passed away in England. After a period of an unknown number of years the vessel was sold by the marina to a couple which kept it in the Clearlake, Texas area. Once again the vessel sat up in a marina for a couple years and sold to a younger gentlemen and he kept the boat in Louisiana. Same thing happened the guy is a commercial diver and had lived on it for approximately 2 years and again the boat has been sitting idle in the marina. The young gentleman donated the boat to BoatAngelMinistries and was placed on ebay at $1.00 with no reserve. I purchased the boat (09 Oct 2012) for $3800.00 USD. The boat has a Ferryman diesel and I was told it is a 32hp) The vessel is in need of many repairs, but not structurally. All of the decks are in great shape with no soft spots. The shipyard that built the boat did a wonderful job and hull is in excellent shape. The interior needs work, not too bad, well bad enough. Needs new new plumbing, new interior wiring, newer electronics, and slowly she is coming along great. Any help with the previous name, yard it was built in, or anything would be greatly appreciated!

When we get the boat complete we will send photos and a complete update of what we done. The boat is currently in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
See photos          Best Regards  Maury Miller

USA Fax : 1-866-855-1271    PNG M : 675-7190-8414    Email: 

Spray Ahoy!  Gedday,  I would like to update the details for JESSAMY, a Spray 27 previously owned by Trevor and Claire Harvey.The new owners are Jeff  and Katherine Drayton , Gold Coast, Australia.  We purchased her in 2012 and have just returned from a three month trip to the Whitsundays. NOICE!!!        Thanks for your web site and keep up the good work           Cheers  Jeff

Spray Ahoy!  I am close to moving the Miss Fiona from my father's back yard to a boat yard for outfitting an rigging.  I have been building her for about ten years, on weekends.

I would like to connect with someone experienced who may be willing to help with some of the decisions I need to make.  I am especially hoping that there is someone familiar with Spray in Florida.

Regards Henry Rupert.              2 Jan 2014

Spray Ahoy!   Hi. We would like to submit our Spray details: BR 38ft spray centre cockpit ketch, steel, builder & owner Bert Warnock, UK. Launched 2002.  Her name is "Rita".
Merry Christmas
Bert (Wirral, England)  bert warnock

Thanks Bert, and fair winds.

Spray Ahoy!  Would you kindly update the ownership of "Salibo".   Formerly owned by Robert Holt of Mount Gravatt in Queensland Australia.  I purchased her in 2003 and she is currently berthed at Port Owen on the Cape West Coast, South Africa.

My contact details are as follows:

Ian Mackintosh,
PO Box 696, St Helena Bay, 7390, South Africa.
Telephone +27 (0) 82 749 3664,

Hi Ian. Spray owners might like to know that Salibo is a famous Spray. In a horrible Indian Ocean storm, the lady crew was badly injured and had to be rescued by a ship. Her husband, the other crew, was forced to abandon the Spray despite him saying he was prepared to remain onboard. Several months later Salibo, after drifting all that time, was towed in the Seychelles by the Seychelles navy (sic) and the owners were reunited with a boat that, despite having a hole in the deck where the bowsprit was pulled out as the forestay caught on the rescue ship, and water getting in from wave and rain, was still dry inside and floating on her lines. The owner had turned off all cocks, including the engine cock, and the solar panels kept the batteries topped up and the bilge pumps working. The boat was a mess, but the owners got her going and sailed her to South Africa for proper repairs. It seems that is where she stayed.   Geoff

Spray Ahoy!  Hi, I have just found the Spray site, very nice. We have also built a Spray. In 1985 we started from scratch and in 2000 we launched it, almost empty and in 2003 it was ready to sail but in no way complete. We built her in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2009 we have been living on board and sailing Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey. For the winter we are staying in Turkey.

The boat is a Bruce Roberts Spray 40 design but it became 42 feet in the building process. It is steel with a staysail schooner rig.

s/y Pinta
Ulla & Lennart Johansson
Vetevägen 15
S-17963 Stenhamra
+46 (0)8 56046362
+46 (0)70 9936710
Skype sy_pinta

Hi Ulla and Lennart.  Your Spray looks great. A very unusual rig for a Spray. Can you tell us how she sails, please.

How she sails.
We wanted a boat with two masts to make the handling easier. The reason for choosing a scooner rig is that we like the look.
Upwind she is not very happy as most Sprays I suppose. Anything else is very good. The staysail between the masts is important, it makes big difference.
She is very well balanced and sails easily without anyone at the helm.
As there is more sailarea aft we have also increased the keel aft. The drawback is that she is sensitive on the helm when just using the engine but turns easily in harbours.
All the best
Lennart on Pinta in Finike, Turkey

Spray Ahoy!  Bill Dix. Bill has owned Ishtar since October 2009. Currently she is docked in Havre de Grace, Maryland, USA. You can contact Bill on 715 965 2919 cell  or 1 800 222 2995 office

Spray Ahoy!  Robert Tracy owns Mabel, a steel 28 foot Spray. I found Bob working on Mabel on the hard in Rhodes, Greece. Great location.

Spray Ahoy! Blair Gardner has just purchased "Spray", the first Bruce Roberts designed and built Spray. She is still registered in Australia (and Queensland), and currently moored at Scarborough, Moreton Bay, Queensland.  Contact Blair at PO Box 473,  Temora  NSW  2666  Australia.  Phone 0428 776 918

Spray Ahoy!  Fred Hermsdorf and his Spray "Loise" - renamed from Walpurga.  Lying Castletown, Isle of Man. Welcome Fred.    We hope you enjoy your Spray.                 15 July 2013  

Ahoy!  To the Hollander who sent me an e-mail about a boat in his harbour?  Please resend, because your e-mail went into my Spam folder, and I only saw the e-mail header before it was deleted. I am sorry, and hope to hear from you again soon.  12 July 2013

Spray Ahoy!  Hi to Michael O'Donnell, new owner of "Spindrift V", 32' steel yawl.  Michael lives at Steiglitz,  Queensland.

Spray Ahoy! Robert Chappell. Robert is the new owner of Sea Legend - P.O. Box 102 Williamstown, Victoria 3016. Australia

Mobile 0402 042 295.  Robert Chappell  

Hi Robert.  Nice boat. It has a great history. If you want more info, just e-mail me.  Cheers, Geoff

Spray Ahoy!  Hi to Luc and Debbie aboard "Plucky Lady", 33' steel gaff cutter .  Luc informed me that the boat photo in the Spray List was not his boat and sent me some photos. She was launched in 1995.  "Don't know exactly, but we sailed something like 45000 miles with her. During one of our four Atlantic ocean crossings we experienced more than 50 kts of wind, so I think that I can say that she's safe, seaworthy and comfortable.  At the moment she's moored in the south of Spain and we’re planning to sail her to Brazil later this year.  So yes, the Spray is a great boat for extensive cruising."         
Thanks Luc and Debbie for the update - sorry about the mix-up. Fair winds for your voyage to Brazil.

Spray Ahoy!   Hi to Mike Evans  re  "Santamaria", in register, built 1990 in Austria. GRP cutter rigged. Spent 21 years cruising Black Sea and Med. Photo (in Spray list) taken in Alcudia, Majorca approx 2008. Now sailing out of Swansea S Wales and ready to cruise UK and Irish west coasts.  Owner past 12 years Mike Evans.  Nice Spray, Mike. Thanks for the update. 16/02/13

Spray Ahoy!  Hi to Joseph Maseland who is the owner of Spray 33 "Munjon", lying in Kilifi, Kenya.  Lovely to hear from you Jopseph.  "Munjon" was sailed from Perth, Australia, to South Africa several years ago.     18/1/13

Spray Ahoy!  Hi to Wayne and Miriam Carter from Fremantle, Western Australia with Spray "Ezzie".  Spray 36, steel, aft cockpit (was "Fly" - good name-change). See photo album page.  They can be contacted at 

Spray Ahoy! Nick Dwyer - Spray 40 ketch "Val". Hi Nick - enjoyed your web page   Photo on Album page.

Spray Ahoy!  Hi to Chris Oosterlinck from Belgium who has just launched a steel Spray 340 (a pre-cut kit?).  His Spray is called "Liris".

Spray Ahoy! Hi to Peter Climas. - boat "Elita"  Spray 33 steel.

My Spray was built from plans purchased from Bruce Roberts International in or around 1998. Work commenced soon after and continued  (slowly) until 9th September 2009 when she was launched at Melbourne Maritime Services. There is an article in your Spray magazine I sent in when I was a member with the Slocum SpraY Society describing her beginnings.  She is currently penned at Royal Geelong Yacht Club where I am a member. I am currently planning forays out into Bass Strait and intend to cruise to Deal Island this year with Queenscliff Cruising Yacht Club where I am also a member. The vessel’s name is ELITA and she is cutter rigged. The owner is Peter Climas (me)  and she is under AU flag. I am extremely happy with the design and have had some very enjoyable sails in her. I am impressed with her roominess and her stability under a stiff breeze.

Yours   Peter Climas    Ph 03 54283605  (Australia)

Carlos Fernandez,  has recently bought Joshua S, the well known timber Spray 40 on Lake Macquarie. Carlos is looking for advice on moving Josh to Queensland where he intends to do a major refit.

Spray Ahoy! Gunnar Eriksson, Spray 36 "Kahiba"

We left Brisbane for our circumnavigation April 2004 and are now in Curacao in the Caribbean. All going well we should be back in Brisbane in October next year. Kahiba has generally behaved very well except for the constant battle to keep the rust under control.
Anyone interested in our voyage can look at and our position can be seen at
Gunnar and Eva
s/y Kahiba

Spray Ahoy!  Piotr & Grazyna Kludka,, recently purchased the Spray 40 "Polonium" (ex-MACIEJKA (Yacht was build in 1997) My name is Piotr Kludka, I am from Poland. Since Dec 2011 I’ve Spray: 46’steel ketch, it’s name: Polonium. I bought this yacht in Florida and in August this year sailed to Poland.
Best regards,
Piotr Kludka

See Piotr's website:

Spray Ahoy! Christopher Bell   See the Historical Stuff page. Lucky Christopher owns a genuine signed copy of Joshua and the Spray. But he needs help with a few details.

Spray Ahoy! Graeme Burke - Hi, Just to notify you that I have just bought "Corsaire" (Steel 36' version C) from Jean-Claude Rochecouste and will be doing a quick fit at the Fremantle Sailing Club, then moving down to Mandurah where I'll be doing a major refit before cruising to Asia and Europe. Thanks.

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